April 7th – Dissertation to Lighting Workshop!


Starting out the day, Muttley will begin with covering some of the fundamentals to lighting. There are actually definitions to the way light falls on a subject. Most lighting gurus understand what type of lighting to use on what type of subject and when. From “butterfly” to broad, short, and split, he will cover each of them and how each is useful for different subjects and situations. This portion of the class will include a tethered session with a model and will be the foundation for the rest of the workshop.

Softboxes, beauty dishes, umbrellas, snoots, grids, etc, etc. Why so many different modifiers? They all have a purpose. Some control light in similarly and others in very different ways. Jason will extensively cover some of the most popular lighting modifiers and the effects they have on different subjects. This portion of the class will include a demonstration of each lighting modifier and its use on a model through a tethered shooting session.

This portion of the workshop will focus on constructing a simple and complex beauty light set-up. This type of lighting arrangement is a staple for portrait work when attempting to show of details in make-up/hair. This lighting style helps eliminate unflattering shadows/texture while accenting the areas the eyes and detail work on portraits.


– LUNCH: If any of you are like me, you’re probably always looking forward to your next meal. In addition to all the great information that will be provide, a catered lunch will also be on the schedule. Be sure to bring your appetite!


After lunch we will head outside to do some “on location” shooting with two professional models. This part of the workshop will involve hands on learning by all attendees. If you have attended one of our workshops in the past, you know that are we are serious about teaching, not just a photographer free-for-all. Muttley and I will talk about posing models, how to use your specific lighting equipment, when speedlights work, and when strobes are needed. All attendees will have the opportunity to work with both of us and have us to answer any specific questions you may have. We will set up numerous lighting arrangements and allow EVERY attendee one on one time with each model as well as instruction and mentoring by both myself and Muttley.



  •  (2) Models that are prepared with professional hair & make-up (MUAH by Mayra Ponce)
  • AlienBee & Elinchrom studio lighting w/ radio transmitters
  • Speedlights w/ radio transmitters
  • Refreshments / catered lunch
  • Professional venue

WHAT WE WOULD LIKE YOU TO BRING: We HIGHLY recommend you bring any speedlights and triggers you may have in order for us to tailor each attendee’s instruction to their specific equipment & needs.


– PRICING: Pricing for the workshop will be $150 if you sign up before the 31st ($175 afterwards)

– ATTENDANCE: Due to specialized/individual instruction, we will only have 8 spots available for this workshop.

To qualify for the discounted rate, we must receive your payment by 31 March. Payments can be made via major credit card, Paypal, or cash. If you have ANY questions, please ask.


Please contact me via my email or phone (832-557-0634) to set up your payment if you do not wish to use Paypal. Thank you all very much in advance and I look forward to seeing you all in a few weeks!


7 April / 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

TheHoustonStudio / 2001 Commerce Street – Suite 220 / Houston / Texas / 77002

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Venue: TheHoustonStudio / www.TheHoustonStudio.com

Partner Photographer: Muttley Escobar / Herize Photography

Make-Up & Hair: Mayra Ponce

Models: Kaitlan Nicole

Houston Wedding Photographer: Jason Talley / 832-557-0634 / www.exposurebyjtalley.com


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